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Court's Name Southern District of West Virginia
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.6 (Revision 1.6.3)
ECF Go Live Date [CM/ECF date]
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 50
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 100
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Court Locations
Court's Name Southern District of West Virginia
Court's Address Robert C. Byrd U.S. Federal Courthouse 300 Virginia St. East, Room 3200 Charleston, WV 25301
Court's Phone Number (304) 347-3003
Court's Email Address deadmail@localhost.localdomain
Court's Hours 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
PACER Email Address

Flag Definitions
727OBJObjection to the Discharge of the Debtor
AUDIT-NOCLOSECase Selected for Audit
AWDISCHAwaiting Discharge
AddChgAddress Change
BusinessDebtorBusiness Debtor
CLMSAGTClaims Agent
CLOSEDCase Closed
CONFIRMEDPlan Confirmed
CONSConsolidated Case - Substantively
CONVERTEDCase Converted
CORP/PTNRCorporation or Partnership
CredCounCredit Counseling
DEFERFee Deferred
DISCHDELAYDischarge Delay
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DebtEdDebtor Education
DebtEdJtJoint Debtor Education
DebtEdNtcDebtor Education Notice Issued
DenyDisch13Deny Discharge Chapter 13
DenyDisch13OneDebtorDeny Discharge Chapter 13 One Debtor
DenyDisch7Deny Discharge Chapter 7
DenyDisch7OneDebtorDeny Discharge Chapter 7 One Debtor
DirAplDirect Appeal
DsclsDueDisclosure Statement Due
FMCWaivedFinancial Mgmt Course Waived
FNLACCFinal Report and Account
FNLRPTFinal Report
FUNDSCases with Funds
FeeDueConversionFee Due Conversion
FeeDueGenericFees Due
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
FeeDuePrevFiling Fees for a Previous Case Still Due
IFPIFP fee Waived
IFPLimitedIFP fee waived except Trustee fee
IFP_AppIFP Application
INST-PLNInstallment Payments through Chapter 13 Plan
INSTALL-APPApplication to Pay in Installments
InactiveInactive AP's
IneligCloseDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto close
IneligDischDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto discharge
JNTADMNJointly Administered
JointAdm-LeadJointly Administered - Lead Case
JointAdm-MemberJointly Administered - Member Case
LEADLead Case
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MTGHELDMeeting Held
NDRFILEDNo Distribution Report Filed
NoDisch13No Chapter 13 Discharge
NoDisch13OneDebtorNo Chapter 13 Discharge for One in Joint Case
NoDisch7No Chapter 7 Discharge
NoDisch7OneDebtorNo Chapter 7 Discharge One in Joint Case
NoDischargeNo Discharge
PlnDuePlan Due
ProSeESROpened from an eSR package
REAFReaffirmation Agreement
RENTRent Payment
REOPENEDReopened Case
RegistryFundsFunds Deposited in Court Registry
Repeat-wvsbprior BK filing within this court
RepeatFilerRepeat Filer
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
ReqSepNtcDebtor's Request for Separate Notice
SEALEDDOCSealed Document
SPLITCASEJoint Case Severed
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business
StayedCaseCase is stayed
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
TRANSINCase Transferred into the District
TRANSOUTCase Transferred Out of District
TaxReqTax Information Request
UNDERADVISEUnder Advisment
VENUE-BECKVenue Beckley
VENUE-BLFDVenue Bluefield
VENUE-CHASVenue Charleston
VENUE-HUNTVenue Huntington
VENUE-PARKVenue Parkersburg
WTRSVRENDWithdrawal of Trustee Services Rendered
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package

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